About Us

Established in 1994, Wilfrand is an Australian company specialising in high performance RAINBOW® products and solutions for the irrigation, mining, utilities, construction and agriculture industries. Wilfrand designs, develops and distributes products and solutions suitable for the Australian environment that offer the best return on investment for its clients.

Wilfrand’s RAINBOW® sprinklers and Rainguns have been used for more than 25 years across Australia in a variety of applications including crop, pasture, turf, and sports field irrigation. These products are also widely used across a number of industries from dust suppression in mining and construction to fire protection in urban and rural developments. RAINBOW® valves, strainers, coupling, fittings and hoses are used extensively in pump systems for irrigation in agriculture and dewatering in mining and civil construction.

RAINBOW® products are available in all major cities and towns across Australia.  Contact us for your nearest authorised supplier and installer of our products.